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CoolPix 775

Parts of the Camera
Switch On
Automatic Turn Off
Battery Management

Auto Mode
Zoom Buttons
Taking an Image
Monitor Control
Viewing Stored Images
Over-riding Auto
Scene Modes
Focus Modes/Self Timer
Flash Modes
Movie Mode
Playback Mode
Transferring Images

Image Sizes
Image Quality
Size/Quality Decision

Operating the Menus
More Information

Press the shutter release button all the way down to capture the image framed in the monitor or view finder.

If the shutter release button is pressed lightly, the lights next to the view finder will indicate the camera's readiness as follows:
Red Light On: the flash will fire when the picture is taken
Red Light Flashing: the flash is charging
Red Light Off: flash not required or set to OFF
Green Light On: the subject is in focus
Green Light Flickering: the camera is unable to focus. Use Auto Over-ride.
Green Light Blinking: the camera is recording an image to the memory card.
Green Light Blinking Slowly: Digital Zoom is in operation. The image the view finder does not correspond to the image that will be taken. Use the monitor.