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CoolPix 775

Parts of the Camera
Switch On
Automatic Turn Off
Battery Management

Auto Mode
Zoom Buttons
Taking an Image
Monitor Control
Viewing Stored Images
Overiding Auto Settings
Scene Modes
Focus Modes/Self Timer
Flash Modes
Movie Mode
Playback Mode
Transferring Images

Image Sizes
Image Quality
Size/Quality Decision

Operating the Menus
More Information

If the Mode Selector is set to Movie, the camera will capture short, small format, silent movies. Movie capture begins when the shutter release button is pressed. It continues until the button is pressed again or 15 seconds elapses, which ever comes first.

Movies have very large file sizes. This 320 x 240 pixel, six and a half second movie occupies 2.1 MB (2,100 KB) of disk space - around 20 times the size of a full screen, high resolution still image.