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The Internet provides a free, accessible, extensive, richly varied set of resources. It caters for all interests, all levels of experience and all learning styles. It has long supplied me with in depth information pertaining to my interests. I have drawn copiously from it to support courses I have taught. This site is my way of contributing and expressing thanks.

Why set up another site? Why not contribute to Wikipedia or the like? This file collection is more personal than an encyclopaedia constructed by teams of experts. The files here were tailored to the students in my classes. They were produced to introduce students to astronomical concepts and methods. They are part of my solution to the challenge of organizing course material and guiding others into new territory.

There is also an interesting byproduct from presenting a collection of my own material: it documents the process of getting knowledge.

The site is a labour of love. Its files have been reworked and polished in response to reactions of users. My endeavours has been stimulated by users who have been thrilled by the experience of learning via web based resources. I am pleased, via this site, to place this material before a wider audience. I hope to receive feedback from users.

Welcome to my site. May you find something that makes your visit worthwhile and brings you back again.




A Review of the Universe

Bendigo District Astronomical Society

I have drawn heavily from other sources. I have attempted to use only resources that can be used and distributed freely for personal use.
Sources of resources are acknowledged on the pages they are attached to. Links to Internet derived resources are given.

All resources included in this presentation may be freely copied and distributed for personal use.
All resources retain the copyright of their owners.

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