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BDAS Astronomy Course 2007

Construction of this file set began in 1996 to support Science classes at Eaglehawk Secondary College. Due to low bandwindth availability, one objective was to store on a local intranet selected files from the internet. A second objective was to order and present the material in ways that engaged students. In 2000, the file set was expanded to support the inclusion of an Astronomy course in the College curriculum. In 2003, participants in Bendigo District Astronomical Society evening courses began using the material. Material has been added over the years to support the two courses. At the end of 2006 the author retired. He has moved the file set to this web site to enable its development to continue.

The banner is that of the Bendigo District Astronomical Society (BDAS), by Beth Basset.

Last updated: 4th September 2007

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