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Another Black Falcon - by Bill Jolly

Yet another Black Falcon at yet another location this-morning!

We were south of Rosewood, Qld, en-route between Abberton and O'Reilly's when we spotted a Hobby launching a sortie into a collection of birds in a farmyard - mostly Starlings and Common Mynas I think, nothing we can't spare. After a couple of whirlwind passes, the Hobby appeared over the top of a stock-feeder heading straight toward us with a catch securely in its talons.

But, hot on its heels, seemingly from nowhere, was a Black Falcon! They twisted and turned in unison above us and then away from us, two classic falcon shapes, one seemingly a giant next to the other. Then, as happens with these magical moments, it was over. We saw the Hobby speeding over a distant hedgerow, empty-taloned, while the Black Falcon headed in another direction - with or without the Hobby's prize we couldn't tell.

I've always loved the way Hobbies burst in and out of our lives with such dynamic impact. I imagine that almost at the same time as they leave us gasping and saying "Phew!", someone else nearby is just beginning to mouth "Wow!", as a ripple of energy and excitement pulses along the line of the Hobby's journey through the day. Now, I'm beginning to feel a bit the same way about Black Falcons. A few weeks back I watched one harassing Black Kites, but that was nothing like the chase that we saw today!

Bill Jolly

Lockyer Valley, Queensland.